Nick and the Slingshot

Nick, an adventurous young boy, builds a makeshift slingshot and sets off hunting in a nearby park. But an unexpected encounter with a mischievous blue jay teaches him an important lesson.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Vincent Kuan Lin

Filmmaker’s statement

I hope every viewer enjoys seeing this short film and finds it fun and reflective.

This film was intentionally made with a cartoonish tone to fit the theme of the story.

It’s based on [my dad] Nick’s memorable personal experience which was so impactful that he has kept the story in his heart since childhood. The lesson he learnt from the experience is not only for young kids but also for people of all ages.

I hope everyone stays after the credits roll to see the hidden ending; it’s a pleasing way to wrap up the story.

This film is also personal to me. The Dr. Weirdo show, the music, the cartoonish tone and many other elements in the film are from my childhood and family memories.

The completion of this project is with support from my mother and sister Anita Lin. I also want to thank my dad, Nick, for his amazing story.

About Vincent Kuan Lin

Vincent Kuan Lin

Vincent Hsueh Kuan Lin is a Taiwanese-born Canadian filmmaker. In 2015 he graduated from Simon Fraser University with a double major BFA in psychology and film.

Vincent started out making low-budget films and music videos.

In 2007, his music video Twilight’s Chapter Seven won the best music video award in the Fairchild TV Video Contest.

His later film Consciousness was invited to screen in the Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival (TWFF) in 2014. Nick and the Slingshot was also selected by TWFF in 2015.

Currently, Vincent is working on his next short film sponsored by the Taiwanese Chung-Hua Telecom Company.

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