William realizes that things just aren’t the same now that his pet lizard Oxford is dead.

Taking a chance, William uses magic sand in an attempt to bring Oxford back to life. To his surprise Oxford disappears, leading William on a journey in search for his best friend.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Ryan Nesbitt
Director: Lauren Belanger

Filmmaker’s statement

Oxford is that classic tale of the child who sets out into the world on their own to find answers they’ve been unable to search for in their sheltered home life.

I’ve always been drawn to solitary tales about children finding their way, but Oxford’s script also provided a fantastical element that I wanted to help bring to life. The rhyming, magic and unusual presence of a dead pet lizard provided me with a clear vision for the tone of the film, which I happily believe we were successful in capturing.

Directing Oxford allowed me to tackle a film that exists in a different kind of world than ours. The process of creating that world, with writer/producer Ryan and other departments, was extremely rewarding.

About Lauren Belanger

Lauren Belanger

Lauren Belanger grew up in Montreal, but she can currently be found cycling the streets of Toronto.

Having primarily worked in post-production, her passion for storytelling has recently led her into the new territory of directing.

Her short film Oxford (2015) had its debut at the Atlantic Film Festival last year, and she continues her unintentional trend of working with children and animals in her latest film, Nothing Grows Here.

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