TELUS STORYHIVE announces 30 female-directed digital shorts finalists

STORYHIVE female director / Link to STORYHIVE

Congratulations to the 30 finalists chosen for the STORYHIVE Digital Shorts female director edition.

NSI delivers training for the selected projects and their creators once they’re chosen through the STORYHIVE process. The public chooses 15 projects from content creators in British Columbia and 15 from Alberta.

Each of the 30 finalists receive a $10K production grant, training and mentoring from seasoned NSI team members, and distribution on TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand.

The 30 finalists are:


Akashi-あかし- from Mayumi Yoshida

An Army of Hearts from Alex Duncan

Better Together from Jen Muranetz

The Apprenticeship of Raffael Cocco from Krista Kelloway

Scattered from Debra Sears

The Deer from Julie Lynn Mortensen

Drift Softly from Shelby Wilson

Final Breath from Kim Feragen

Static Alex from Alayna Silverberg

The Man in the Rabbit Mask from Tarun Keram

Never Better from Synnove Godeseth

Past Time from Petie Chalifoux

Under the Radar from Erin Cumming

All My Jokes Are About Me from Shiraz Higgins

The Unconditional Love from Sunitha Devadas


Inconvenient from Cassandra Paige Johnston

Instant from Lauren Lim

This Is Not a Passport Photo from Stephanie Simpson

Chocolate Cake from Brittney Grabill

Up in Smoke from Paige K. Boudreau

Henna from Melissa Kreil

The Winter Song from Rebecca Frick

I Phub You from Sam Reid

OKT – Only Known Time from Jessekiah Jost

Sleepwalker from Anna Cooley

Nightwalk from Andrea Beca

Actress Denied from Alana Fischer

Night Light from Kennedy Bailey

Irene from Alicia Krawchuk

Voluptuous Beauty from Nicole Murphy

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