Eleven Eleven

The clock strikes 11:11 and time stops so a young woman can explore her thoughts about her life and marriage.

She is confronted by her past and future self who both try to push her to become more perfect. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize herself, the mirror covers her body and she starts to realize that she is trapped.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Alicia Krawchuk
Producer: Daisy Long

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was a collaboration between choreographer Joshua Beamish and I as we tried to create a cold, mechanical environment that has trapped this poor woman.

The project was successfully funded through Kickstarter and had massive budgetary restraints but it came out with a sort of low-fi feel that I now really love.

Although it’s an experimental film with no dialogue, Eleven Eleven is also a dance film and so uses classic and contemporary ballet movement as a language to communicate this woman’s journey into herself.

About Alicia Krawchuk

Alicia Krawchuk

Alicia Krawchuk is an award-winning writer/director/editor currently living in Edmonton, AB.

Since 2012 Alicia has worked as a videographer supporting various charities and social justice campaigns. Her documentary films have helped raise thousands of dollars to support organizations in India, South Africa, Zambia and Canada.

Alicia graduated from the Met Film School in London UK in 2015, and her graduation film Eleven Eleven won best experimental film at both California Independent Film Festival and California Women’s Film Festival as well as winning a jury prize at Toronto Urban Film Festival.

Eleven Eleven featured the choreography of Joshua Beamish (MOVE: the company), and starred Daisy Long (Stuttgart Ballet) as the film’s main character.

In 2016 Alicia also collaborated with Daisy on the comedy web series Welcome to the Industry which won a TELUS STORYHIVE grant and is distributed on Telus Optik TV.

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