Jan Miller, Kirsten Carthew and others celebrate NSI’s 30th birthday in this short video

NSI 30th logo / Happy 30th birthday NSI

As part of NSI’s 30th birthday celebration this year, we’ve compiled some congratulatory clips from our board, staff, friends and graduates.

Thanks and hugs to the clip contributors you see above:

  • Danishka Esterhazy (NSI Drama Prize, NSI Features First)
  • Sonya Ballantyne (NSI New Voices, NSI Aboriginal Documentary)
  • Cody Halcrow (NSI New Voices)
  • Board chair Norm Bolen
  • Darcy Waite (NSI New Voices)
  • Kirsten Carthew (NSI Drama Prize, NSI Features First)
  • Justin Kehler (who compiled this clip during his summer NSI New Voices internship)
  • NSI co-founder Jan Miller
  • Scott Westby and Matt Watterworth (NSI Features First)

Stay tuned for more clips from more NSI grads in the coming weeks.

(Disclaimer: there is no cake in this video. In spite of this, please try to enjoy.)

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