Don’t Walk Among the Dead

Struggling to find a safe haven in an ice cold post-apocalyptic world, an exhausted and emotionally confused young girl crosses paths with a deranged survivor who asks her to choose between her sick sister’s life or her own.

Creative team

Writer/director: Satinder Kassoana
Producers: Julian Black Antelope, Satinder Kassoana

Filmmaker’s statement

Don’t Walk Among the Dead is my homage to a possibility that seems heading our way in near future. With global warming rising and people not taking their environment seriously, I believe we are on verge of actually living such a nightmare where we will face tough choices to survive.

The post-apocalyptic film genre always had me gripped. I don’t know what it is about these bleak-looking films that pulls me in. But I am sure it was not the blood and gore which is the trademark of this genre.

I guess it’s seeing mankind going back to its primitive instincts. Survival is the top of the list. I always wonder if it can replace other emotions like love and affection. That’s what Don’t Walk Among the Dead is all about.

About Satinder Kassoana

Satinder Kassoana

My name is Satinder Kassoana. I am the writer/director of this short film.

I don’t come from a film background. But yet I have arrived here and couldn’t be happier. I quit a programmer’s job at a Swiss bank in Switzerland, then I dropped out of a 100% scholarship M.E. when I realized it’s the movies I want to make for the rest of my life. That was eight years ago.

I am finally making films and actually doing pretty great. I also managed to get a full-time job as a documentary filmmaker and editor at a leading production studio in Calgary.

My last French short film, which had no budget, managed to win best short film awards at five international film festivals across North America including the International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto 2015.

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