Our Garden Was Green

On an afternoon like every other, Afagh, an old immigrant woman decides to go beyond her religious beliefs to try something new to bring back her golden past: when their garden used to be green.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Malileh Noghrehkar

Filmmaker’s statement

Our Garden Was Green is my first short film which was made as my final project at Vancouver Film School.

It is a story of alienation, of when life is unknown, out of reach and obscure, and when home is far away.

It tells the story of Afagh, and the sorrow hidden deep in her eyes. It is the story of her last attempt to fill the void, to capture that evading shadow of happiness, connection and familiarity.

My inspiration to write this story came from two separate images. The first was seeing my grandmother going through the experience of immigration, and imagining how much harder it can be for older people to leave their home and begin a new life somewhere else.

The second image was seeing an old lady wearing a Hijab in a liquor store, which is very intriguing knowing that drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

My main challenge was [completing] the whole film in one day due to school regulations. It seemed impossible at first, but making this film proved that passion and believing in your work makes the impossible possible.

About Malileh Noghrehkar

Malileh Noghrehkar

Born and raised in Tehran, the capital of Iran, Malileh Noghrehkar moved to Vancouver in 2009 where she completed her bachelor of arts in psychology and international relations at the University of British Columbia.

Having always been passionate about filmmaking, she attended Vancouver Film School and got her diploma in film production. Our Garden Was Green is her first short film revolving around an old Iranian immigrant.

She is most interested in exploring deep human emotions and experiences as well as everyday details of life through visual storytelling.

She is currently pursuing this passion in both of her home towns, Vancouver and Tehran.

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