A point-of-view narrative that follows Sam as he reminisces on his past with Riley.

When Sam finally gets to the memory of their breakup, the story unexpectedly switches point of view and another doomed relationship starts all over again.

Creative team

Writers: Marc Pannia, Lilianna Wilde
Director: Marc Pannia
Producers: Lori Pannia, Greg Pannia

Filmmaker’s statement

OverAgain explores how we create idealized versions of our past that often lead us to miss the good things in front of us because of the fantasy behind us.

Narrated by Sam (Sam Krumrine), he reminisces on a romanticized history during his breakup with Riley (Riley Dandy). Lines blur between fact and fiction – is this how the relationship really was or is this just how Sam wants to remember it?

Although the film is written and directed through the eyes of young adults navigating modern dating, the reach feels much larger than that. Anyone who at one time has wondered, “What if it didn’t end?” can find a moment in the film they connect with.

I wouldn’t put an age, gender or demographic on it. If you’ve been through a breakup and struggled to move past it, OverAgain will resonate.

About Marc Pannia

Marc Pannia

Marc’s background in advertising and public relations led him to Los Angeles in 2014 where he began his pursuit of filmmaking.

Marc co-wrote and directed his first short OverAgain which won the Las Vegas International Film Festival’s wildcard award in 2016.

As a writer and director, Marc is in the final stages of post-production on two more shorts, The Visitor and The Last Bookstore for 2017.

He is currently in pre-production on two music videos for artist Lilianna Wilde’s upcoming singles, King and Hollywood Hills.

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