Harvey finds a connection with one of his female examiners in an extremely awkward situation at a testing facility.

Creative team

Writers: Ken C. Ogasawara, Jonathan Steckley
Director: Jonathan Steckley
Producers: Ken C. Ogasawara, Francis Coral Mellon, Nathan Steckley Leis

Filmmaker’s statement

I usually make super serious dramas that are sad and depressing, so when Pit came along it was a breath of fresh air. Making a comedy was a blast!

I was surprised at how many women auditioned for the role of examiner. I had to confirm that they knew what they were getting into – they did, and they were champs.

Initially I wanted a red light flashing as these poor souls were being examined and spoken to in a broken German accent but it felt too much like a bizarre concentration camp so we ended up putting everything in B&W and replacing the broken German accent.

Shooting took place in an old high school over a weekend. I had to shoot everything out of order because most of the cast could only make it out on the first day. It became a bit tricky in terms of staging actors and keeping up with the right takes.

It’s a great privilege to be making films and huge thanks goes out to the men and women who made this weird little shoot a fun production.

About Jonathan Steckley

Jonathan Steckley

Jonathan attended North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem where he graduated in film design and art direction.

During that time he art directed and production designed various short films such as Newton (a student Academy Award nominee) and Fallout, and worked on the Academy Award-winning Two Soldiers by Aaron Schneider.

In 2006, he switched gears and directed a feature-length documentary, Crokinole. He later co-founded Rosco Films, a Canadian-based production company.

His first narrative feature, The Volunteer, premiered at Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival 2014.

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