Seeker Wing

A person makes the long and difficult journey towards finding their own beauty.

In trying to mimic the beauty of others around them, they repeatedly fail at their attempts to be something they’re not. Only when they muster the courage to look inward do they find what they were looking for all along.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Iris Moore

Filmmaker’s statement

Seeker Wing was created as an exploration of a journey each of us has known: the journey towards self-discovery.

Anyone can relate to the stumbling path we take, imitating people around us, trying to fit in, trying to understand who we are and where our truth lies.

Seeker Wing is a reminder that only when we look inward, and embody who we are on the inside, does our true beauty show.

About Iris Moore

Iris Moore

Iris Moore is an emerging artist from Victoria, British Columbia.

With a focus on painting, drawing and stop-motion animation, she uses the fantastical and surreal to encourage people to turn an eye inward and explore the worlds that exist within themselves.

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