Away From Here

Trapped in a sleepy, industrial town, angst-ridden teenager Calvin must decide whether to leave home with his best friend Jessie or stay to support his family.

Taking place over one night, this coming-of-age film explores Calvin’s search for freedom, testing his commitment to family, friendship and love.

Creative team

Writer/director: Joseph Covello
Producers: Joseph Covello, Ivan Hutomo. Krystle Ferdinand

Filmmaker’s statement

I was inspired to write Away From Here after graduating from film school when I was confronted with the question, “What should I do with my life?” Drawing on my own experiences I wanted to create a film that honestly portrays the struggle to find one’s self, and the suffocating anxiety that often accompanies it.

From this seed of an idea grew the story of a teenager who feels destined to remain trapped in his small town while watching his best friend do the one thing he wants most in the world – escape.

The film explores the importance of family and friendship as a means of surviving adversity, but at the sacrifice of one’s freedom.

Most importantly I wanted the film to capture the sense of immediacy and angst that plagues many young adults who dream of freedom and adventure. Since the story takes place over one night, all of these feelings are amplified as Calvin’s world is very abruptly turned upside-down.

The film showcases the beauty of Ontario’s natural landscape which, for years, has inspired me as a painter and avid outdoorsman, and contrasts it with images of derelict spaces in a small industrial town. I’m still amazed by the number of locations we filmed at, considering the film was shot in only four days.

We were very fortunate to work with two extremely talented Canadian actors who brought Calvin and Jessie to life, as well as our talented and dedicated crew that made everything possible. I’m also thankful to our Indiegogo supporters from around the world, including Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand, who helped us exceed our fundraising goal.

About Joseph Covello

Joseph Covello

Joseph Covello is a Toronto-based writer and director who studied film at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts.

His short film Away From Here screened at Toronto International Short Film Festival and Ottawa Digital Film Festival, and his previous film Alpine Country won the Maximum Exposure Film Festival highlights prize.

He also works as a cinematographer and has collaborated with a diverse group of directors on short films, commercials and music videos. The films he’s shot have screened at festivals including Vancouver International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand and Montreal World Film Festival.

Joseph is an avid photographer and painter, having exhibited his work at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, as well as created commissioned paintings for private collectors.

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