After a mysterious business card is left on his car windshield, a 50-something divorced dad-type (Kevin McDonald) breaks his weekend routine of virtual golf and mustard sandwiches to unveil the mystery behind the strange card.

Creative team

Writers/directors/producers: Avery Stedman, AudioOpera (Graeme Barrett)

Filmmakers’ statement

This brief journey gives a bittersweet glimpse into the sad realities we imagine many post-divorce males must face.

About Avery Stedman and AudioOpera

Avery Stedman

Avery Stedman is an award-winning filmmaker from Winnipeg who has crafted a strong portfolio as a music video director and cinematographer, working with several mainstream and underground artists.

His works have been featured on VICE’s Noisey, Much Music, Paper Magazine, IX Daily, Booooooom, Radar Awards, Dazed Digital and Vimeo Staff Picks.

AudioOpera / Graeme Barrett

AudioOpera is a music producer from Winnipeg, Canada. Also known as Graeme Barrett, he is one of a handful of producers who employs associative techniques in his production.

He was recently signed to Noise Collector, a label composed entirely of associative musicians. His music is composed of playful but aware melody backed with cutting vocals.

His previous work has featured on numerous sites such as Dazed Digital, Much Music, i-D Vice, BBC Radio 1xtra, Weird Canada and The Fader.

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