Recruiting Hell

Caught between a visionary director and an impossible-to-please client, our creative director tries desperately to hold everything together while helping the executive demons of Hell LLP – the universe’s oldest, darkest and, possibly, most dysfunctional corporation – try to assemble their own ‘brilliant’ recruitment video.

Creative team

Writer/director: Randy Brososky
Producers: Randy Brososky, Marliss Weber, Chester Sit

Filmmaker’s statement

Corporations are oftentimes the epitome of the word ‘dysfunction.’ Having worked as an executive, artist and consultant in between, I have seen this experience from all sides, and wanted to create a story that gives a brief view into the chaos that can erupt from a group of diverse personalities all trying to make their own mark on a single project.

Setting this story in Hell LLP made sense as a way to frame the events in [a] literal corporate hell while also introducing new viewers to the story world of the Necessary Evil universe.

This was possibly one of the most ‘meta’ projects I have ever been involved with, having an on-camera, demonic ‘crew’ being filmed by an off-camera, human crew, while a behind-the-scenes crew captured footage of the off-camera, human crew.

We also captured the additional footage to create the actual recruiting video referenced in Recruiting Hell (which can be found on the Hell LLP YouTube channel). Keeping crews, scripts, footage and storylines straight was a tremendous, yet rewarding challenge.

There is an entire world of stories to be told in this universe and I hope this film invites audiences to explore more about and the characters within the corporation.

If you have ever worked for a large company, you should recognize the people on screen as the people in the cubicle next to you. With luck, you may even see yourself.

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About Randy Brososky

Randy Brososky

Randy has been involved with film, television and stage for over 20 years. He recently wrote and produced Necessary Evil, Recruiting Hell, and the Hellevator Project, three properties in the Necessary Evil universe.

His directing credits include Recruiting Hell, the Hellevator Project and Plight: A Comic Book Rock Opera.

As an actor he has been seen on screen and online in Truckstop Bloodsuckers, Burlesque Assassins, The Pharmacist, Nightmare Island 2 and the short All My Sins.

His television credits include Blackstone, Mixed Blessings, Mentors, Mythquest and voiceover for the cartoons Law of Ueki and Flame of Recca.

Upcoming projects include the lead in Life Undercover, co-producing and performing in the feature length version of All My Sins, and several unannounced projects in the Necessary Evil universe.

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