Beneath the Surface

Daniel Ennett attempts to become the first scuba certified quadruple amputee.

And then the sharks show up.

Creative team

Writer: Kurt Spenrath
Directors/producers: Frederick Kroetsch, Kurt Spenrath

Filmmakers’ statement

We’ve been filming a TV series called Invincible about our friend Daniel Ennett for many years. He’s a quadruple amputee with a taste for adventure.

We’ve filmed him sailing, skiing, painting. We’ve done it all.

Except getting him certified for scuba diving. We had to fly a disability scuba expert in from Kenya to make this work. I’m pretty sure we made history with this short doc.

About Frederick Kroetsch and Kurt Spenrath

Frederick Kroetsch and Kurt Spenrath

Frederick and Kurt have spent the last three years travelling the globe making weird documentaries. Their primary focus is on professional wrestling, disability and kittens.

Their claim to fame is KittenTV, a web series about rescue kittens. It’s one of the most popular VOD items on TELUS TV. They have also produced content for CBC, NFB, Bravo and TELUS.

They’re currently working with the NFB on a documentary about being a bike messenger when it’s 40 below.

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