Finding the AJ Goddard

A team of amateur and professional underwater archaeologists tell the story of discovering a steamship that had been lost for over 100 years after sinking during the gold rush in the great Canadian Yukon.

Creative team

Director: Jesse Davidge
Producers: Jesse Davidge, Jon Busby

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is the result of three years of work.

Bringing to light the hard work and determination shown by everyone involved with the Goddard, it was an honor to document this story.

I also wanted to make a film that would introduce the world of underwater archaeology to people young and old.

About Jesse Davidge

Jesse Davidge

Jesse is an award-winning producer and director. He has worked in the animation field for over 10 years and been attached to projects ranging from TV programs to movies and video games.

He is also an accomplished illustrator for comic books and has had several works published.

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