The Last Deaths of Joe

Joe is an extra playing an Indian in a traditional Western, but he is having problems dying in the scene. Something is bothering him.

After one too many takes, Joe decides to change the fate of his character.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Adonay Guerrero

Filmmaker’s statement

This project started as a narrative exercise [with specific criteria]: the location had to be a film set, [it had to include] two main characters, and have less than 10 lines of dialogue. With these conditions I added a personal reflection about the way racial stereotypes are represented and reinforced in film and media industry.

The process of writing and producing The Last Deaths of Joe helped me to reflect on the importance of not perpetuating racial and cultural stereotypes as a writer and director, as well as to have more cultural awareness in all my projects.

About Adonay Guerrero

Adonay Guerrero

Adonay Guerrero is a screenwriter, filmmaker and graphic artist with Tenek heritage born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and currently based in Antigonish, NS.

He holds a master’s degree in film production from York University where he developed his thesis project Hidden Gods which was awarded a scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). He has a BA in audio-visual arts from Universidad de Guadalajara.

Adonay has won grants from different arts and culture programs in Mexico. Some of his works have screened in film festivals such as San Diego Comic Con International Independent and Edmonton International Film Festival (The Son of Santo), imagineNATIVE (The Last Deaths of Joe), and Diaspora International Film Festival (I live here: Windows).

As an editor, Adonay has been collaborating with the TV series Battle Scars which is about the Canadian military in times of peace and war.

After teaching some courses at the University of New Brunswick, Guerrero is currently teaching at St. Francis Xavier University, and is in pre-production on short film Distant Altars thanks to a grant awarded by the Canada Council of the Arts.

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