Playing House

Janet feels under-appreciated. Gary is oblivious. It sounds like a standard marriage.

When Janet sees that she must take drastic measures and give Gary an ultimatum, will he finally realize it’s time to grow up?

Creative team

Writer/director: Nicole Steeves
Producer: Jenna Murphy

Filmmaker’s statement

This satirical take on marriage, played by children, is meant to expose the childishness that we sometimes bring to our own relationships.

The use of brightly coloured, dollhouse-like sets brings life to the silly and whimsical nature of the film.

This was created through the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative Film5 program. It was a joy to make from beginning to end.

A lot of very creative people helped to bring it to life, and I am very lucky to have had the help taking it from a picture in my mind to reality.

About Nicole Steeves

Nicole Steeves

Nicole Steeves is a writer, director and actor. She has written and directed six short films.

She recently made her first feature film, Head Space, with producer Lynn Matheson. The feature was made possible through the 1K WAVE ATLANTIC program created by WIFT-AT and Ingrid Veninger of pUNK Films.

Nicole was the winner of the 2015 WIFT Pitch Competition for her project Getaway.

Along with co-writer Struan Sutherland and producer Andre Pettigrew, Nicole became one of the CineCoup Top 15 finalists in Canada with their concept for Namas-DIE.

Gnaw, a short film created for Cinecoup, was picked by Telefilm’s Not Short On Talent program and screened at the Clermont-Ferrand short film market.


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