After quitting his job during an economic downturn, a young man gains a new perspective on life.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Adolfo Ruiz

Filmmaker’s statement

The idea for Adrift emerged during the 2008 financial crisis. As a creative practitioner, I was cautious during that year – I worked full-time at an advertising agency while making independent films in my spare time.

On a personal level I experienced tension between the need for job stability and the desire for creative freedom. This tension is embodied in the employer-employee dialogue at the beginning of the film.

In developing the initial draft of this story, I wanted to build a dialogue between a cautious employer and a young worker with elusive, ill-defined future plans. Through their brief verbal exchange, there is a clash of opposing world views. Once that verbal exchange has taken place, Adrift is ultimately about the ‘moment after’ a major decision has been made – the confusion and sense of uncertainty that remains after burning a bridge.

The animated style of the film allows for multiple layers of visual material to overlap, interact and evoke a range of ideas that reinforce the theme of instability.

I began making Adrift in 2009. With no budget, no animation team and many life changes along the way, it took over six years to make.

About Adolfo Ruiz

Adolfo Ruiz

Adolfo Ruiz is a visual communication designer and independent filmmaker based in Edmonton. He studied art and design in Spain, England and Canada.

He is currently part of an ongoing creative collaboration involving the translation of oral history into animation with members of the Tlicho community of Behchoko, Northwest Territories. The results of this collaboration have been recently screened by the Franco-German TV network, Arte.

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