#CanFilmDay special lineup in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival

It’s National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150) this Wednesday, April 19 and we’re celebrating all week with a special lineup of films in the NSI Online Short Film Festival chosen from REEL CANADA‘s film catalogue.

We’ll return to our regular festival programming next week. In the meantime, enjoy these film from directors Amanda Strong and Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Michelle Kee, Liz Cairns and Joe LoBianco, Joe Pingue, Alek Rzeszowski and Matthew Rankin, and Kyle Rideout.

And if you need a film fix year round, check out over 750 shorts in our film fest archives.


Watch Mia' in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Mia | Animation, 8:00, English, BC, 2015 | Directors: Amanda Strong, Bracken Hanuse Corlett

Transformed into a salmon, an Indigenous street artist travels through decayed urban landscapes to the forests of long ago in this sublime animation.


Watch Mattress in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Mattress | Comedy, 9:47, English, Mandarin, BC, 2014 | Director: Michelle Kee

After Little Boy Lee and his family dump an old mattress in an alley, the mattress sparks an all-out suburban war. Dodging rotten eggs and Molotov cocktails, it’s up to the youngest member of the Lee family to do the right thing.

Sad Bear

Watch Sad Bear in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Sad Bear | Drama, 10:29, English, BC, 2010 | Directors: Liz Cairns, Joe LoBianco

Sad Bear collects people’s saddest objects to help them process past regrets. People are generally amenable to this except for Steve, who can’t let go of his prized possession.

Chili & Cheese

Watch Chili & Cheese in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Chili & Cheese | Comedy, 12:00, English, ON, 2011 | Director: Joe Pingue

In Tobago, Dr. Desmond Dhillon saved lives. In Canada he works the graveyard shift at a convenience store. This is not the dream he uprooted his family to pursue.

When an altercation with a gluttonous customer over the store’s complimentary condiment takes a suffocating turn, the doctor may get to use his training after all.

Où est Maurice?

Watch Où est Maurice? in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Où est Maurice? | Comedy, 3:27, French & English, MB, 2006 | Directors: Alek Rzeszowski, Matthew Rankin

A forlorn pet owner pines for her wayward dog, Maurice, as a suave Parisianoid crooner emerges to take its place in this absurdist musical comedy.

Hop the Twig

Watch Hop the Twig in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Hop the Twig | Comedy, 9:00, English, BC, 2011 | Director: Kyle Rideout

When little Audrey’s potted plant dies, the tot’s deepest fears take over her wildly growing imagination.

Classic animation meets a classically told child’s fable in this visual stunner.

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