Meter Maid

A delusional, self-appointed meter maid and his grumpy neighbour go to war over homemade parking tickets.

Creative team

Writers: Isi Commisso, Aaron Setton, Mike Onley, Jordan Scherer
Director/producer: Aaron Setton

Filmmaker’s statement

If you can believe it, a real-life, honest to goodness human being inspired the film Meter Maid.

One of the film’s writers, Isi Commisso, came to me with a pile of unpaid parking fines that looked like they were made in Microsoft Paint. The moment I saw those homemade parking tickets, I knew we had a movie.

Meter Maid was shot in 2016 over the course of one hazy, Hamilton summer weekend. We shot it like a documentary because we figured if, given the chance, our character Peter would probably hire a documentary crew to film his exploits and share his ‘heroism’ with the world.

Jordan Scherer (Peter) and Mike Onley’s (Ed) chemistry is pure magic. I wish we could shoot the film over and over again because they made me laugh so hard on set.

You can’t see it, but Jordan was actually pants-less for the entire creepy basement scene. What’s funny is I don’t remember even giving that direction. I think he felt it just made sense for the situation.

That being said, I guess my advice to other filmmakers is if you need your actors to get weird, remove pants from the equation.

About Aaron Setton

Aaron Setton

Aaron Setton studied film and television at Sheridan College’s Advanced Television and Film program. He now lives in Hamilton, Ontario where he makes films for fun and eats tacos for a living.

Aaron is famous for accidentally stumbling into the background of The Amazing Race: Canada where he pointed directions to contestants after explicitly being told not to.

Aaron is currently prepping for his first feature film.


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