Only One

A woman with a turbulent past confronts the fact that she is the only visible transgender person living in a remote region of the Canadian Rockies.

This meditative short doc explores the courage and bravery it takes to be your true self no matter the cost. The Canadian landscape makes for a scenic backdrop to Anne Gibson’s life in Jasper National Park and the isolation she faces in her small town.

Creative team

Co-directors, co-producers: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor

Filmmakers’ statement

We both grew up in smaller communities in BC. There was a huge pressure for us (as gay men) to move to bigger cities to find a sense of community.

Our goal with Only One was to explore whether trans* and gender-diverse people from small communities felt a similar or even greater pressure to leave their homes.

About Steve Adams and Sean Horlor

Steve Adams and Sean Horlor

Steve Adams and Sean Horlor direct, produce and write together. They are both self-taught filmmakers.

They’re also both from smaller communities in British Columbia and had little exposure to LGBTQ+ stories growing up in the ’80s and ’90s. This has had a profound influence on their creative work and is a huge motivation for them as filmmakers.

They like to create stories where LGBTQ characters are complicated and multifaceted and human instead of, you know, the kinds of LGBTQ characters you usually see in movies and on television.

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