The Spirit of Social Change

Two activists explore their evolving relationship to spirituality and examine it as a force for personal transformation and social change.

Creative team

Writer/director: Tendisai Cromwell
Producers: Tendisai Cromwell, Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs

Filmmaker’s statement

The Spirit of Social Change advances a conversation that is increasingly relevant in our times, especially since the election of Donald Trump, a man whose victorious campaign was characterized by fear and hate.

This film calls us to consider an alternative vision of the world in which widespread social transformation can be brought about through spirituality.

This documentary is a modest contribution to a larger conversation and we ask our audience to not only watch this film but also share it and begin conversations of your own.

About Tendisai Cromwell

Tendisai Cromwell

Tendisai Cromwell is an independent filmmaker and writer with a background in journalism.

She founded New Narrative Films in 2014 where she currently serves as creative director.

Tendisai participated in the Doc Accelerator program offered by Hot Docs and was awarded an Inspirit Foundation scholarship to attend the Story Money Impact conference at the Hollyhock Centre in Cortes Island, BC.

She most recently worked in the production department at the Canadian Film Centre. Her foray into journalism began in 2009 on the streets of Palestine as a reporter for a Ramallah-based publication.

Since then, Tendisai has written for various publications and produced radio segments at CBC’s The Current while also completing the master of journalism program at Ryerson University.

She also writes creatively and, on occasion, performs her works – one of which is included in an anthology.

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