I Phub You

After an incident that leaves the world around him silent, Kurtis discovers what it means to communicate in a technologically consumed society.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Justin Kueber
Director: Shannon Hunt

Filmmaker’s statement

I Phub You is a story that really stands out to me as being increasingly important in this society that we live in. In this technology-driven world who doesn’t long for a simpler time? Harnessing that nostalgia for the silent-film era, and then stamping it with a powerful and contemporary message about communication – it’s a win.

The distinction between the real world and the silent world is most important to me. Not only do I want the worlds to look and sound different, I want them to feel different. So, the biggest thing I impress upon my actors is stylization. Contemporary film acting is subtle, naturalistic; it is meant to represent the way most people act in real life, where emotions and inner thoughts are not apparent from the outside.

Silent film-era acting is the opposite. All the characters emotions and thoughts ARE apparent from the outside; they are made big and obvious, like in theatre. What the actors are not given in dialogue has to be made up for in physical expression.

I have to admit, it’s been fun inciting my cast to do exactly what they’ve always been told NOT to do in film acting: be melodramatic and campy.

This Female Director Storyhive thing was a good thing. I can only speak from my own experience, but I too often have been in a situation where I don’t apply for something because I think I am not skilled/experienced enough. It was a great initiative to enable aspiring female filmmakers to have an opportunity to direct and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

We had such an amazing team – I can’t imagine finding a better group of people to work with to bring this film to life.

About Shannon Hunt

Shannon Hunt

Shannon has a degree in music composition and is also an experienced actor and aspiring screenwriter.

Shannon has studied and performed music her whole life (voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion) and has a BMus in composition. She takes a special interest in film scoring, recently interned under Hans Zimmer, and has written music for over 10 commercials and two independent films in Edmonton.

She has acted in over 20 live shows and musicals in Kelowna and Edmonton. She has also recently acted in a few local commercials and an independent film.

Shannon is an aspiring screen/script writer, producing content here and there over the course of her life. Currently she is working on a feature-length script entitled Turnaround and her most recent work is a 20-minute period piece that’s performed weekly at F.E.P.

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