The Constant Refugee

This is Saifan Estefan’s story.

From the escape of the Armenian genocide by Saifan’s grandfather to Saifan’s own displacement due to the Iraq War and the Syrian Civil War, to his harrowing experience with Turkey’s current refugee crisis, it would seem that Saifan’s family legacy is that of discrimination, war and flight.

But with his young family – wife Talar and son Zenos – Saifan hopes for a safer and more inclusive future.

This is his journey.

Creative team

Directors: Patrick Barfoot, Leila Almawy
Producers: Derrick O’Toole, Ben J Abbey, Leila Almawy, Patrick Barfoot

Filmmakers’ statement

Documentaries inform, they entertain but, most important to us, they create intimacy. This intimacy is between the subject and an audience through the art of storytelling.

Stories, at their core, reveal essential humanity; our needs and wants, our fears and desires. When an audience comes face to face with the reality of the subject’s existence, their biases and prejudices fade in the light of our shared humanity.

We both believe that the world would be a little better off if only we told more stories about each other.

About Patrick Barfoot

Patrick Barfoot

Patrick Barfoot is an instructor and documentarian from Owen Sound, ON.

He is passionate about media literacy for children from at-risk communities and is creative director of Babel Collective, an experimental film collective that focuses on giving opportunities to first generation Canadians.

About Leila Almawy

Leila Almawy

Leila Almawy is a community producer and activist from London, ON.

Her parents fled to Canada from a war-torn Lebanon in 1976. Leila’s passion for peace and social justice is motivated by her parents’ experience as immigrants.

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