The Talent Scout

A waitress stuck in a dead-end job meets a travelling talent agent looking for Hollywood’s next big star – the only catch is she’s got to cough up some dough for the audition, which is being held at a dingy motel just outside of town.

Creative team

Writer: Martin Baena
Directors/producers: Anita Abbasi, Martin Baena

Filmmakers’ statement

We aim to tell stories of everyday individuals at life’s crossroads; persons rendered heroic – possibly mythic – through the miracle of cinema, whose struggles, though seemingly trivial, take on new meaning for the audience.

In The Talent Scout, written within the tradition of the American road film and film noir, we look to the nature of storytelling in everyday life, not only through the movies, but in the lies we tell each other, the fluid nature of identity and the power of illusion to build and destroy.

In the archetypes of the confident man and his target, a daydreaming waitress literally and figuratively at a crossroads, we find that one has the ability not only to invent and reinvent themselves but also the world around them, to snare their prey and in so doing make a new life for themselves.

About Anita Abbasi and Martin Baena

Anita Abbasi and Martin Baena

Anita is a Montreal-born filmmaker, based in Toronto.

She holds a BA in creative writing and art history and has worked incessantly on films throughout her studies and after graduating in 2008.

A lover of cinema since childhood, Anita has a cerebral relationship with film, complicated by her unconditional love of Sylvester Stallone movies.

She has directed videos for musical artists Amanda Mabro, Zara Ahmed and DJ Downie, and her work has shown at the Reel Dames Film Festival (No, Rush, 2009), the Mexico International Film Festival (Charity Ball, 2010) and COMMFFEST (Raising Our Voice, 2011)

Toronto-based filmmaker Martin Baena is a graduate of Concordia’s film program.

Martin’s work can be seen online at The Seventh Art where he served as lead video editor. He also contributes to Screen Rant and Dorkshelf.

Past directorial efforts include the post-apocalyptic Soledad (2009) and the short subject travelogue Spool (2015).

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