Performance and Place – Modern

A ballet company comprised of teenage dancers journeys through the gruelling rehearsal and training period to perfect their original modern dance and perform it on a bare stage.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Nate Bower

Filmmaker’s statement

In a former life I was a figure skater. For training we always had to take dance classes – and I never liked them.

My first classes were at the same school that these young women dance at now. The first day of shooting was a little awkward as we didn’t really know where they were going, they didn’t really know where we were going to be, there might have been a close call or two but, by the end of production, it was as if we were part of this dance.

We knew every step and beat (though we didn’t have nearly enough skill to perform it) and the girls could anticipate where we’d be and they’d move right past us. It was, for lack of a more intelligent way of putting it, a really cool feeling. It had been a number of years since I’d been able to be involved in performance like this, and I now loved it.

About Nate Bower

Nate Bower

Over the last 15 years, Nate Bower has built a solid career as a producer and director specializing in both dramatic feature films and documentaries.

With a bachelor of fine arts degree in film production from the University of Regina, Nate ambitiously started his film career developing, then producing, directing and editing the feature film Nothing Touches. This feature propelled him into founding his own production company, Collective Mind Entertainment, based in Brandon, Manitoba, where he has produced and directed several digital dramatic shorts and documentaries.

Nate also worked on the award-winning History Channel documentaries Men of Valour: Heroes of the Victoria Cross and A Soldier’s Voice. Forging strategic relationships with Los Angeles-based affiliate distribution and development partners, Annmarie Aronoff and Chris Aronoff of Home Theater Films, Nate helped develop several feature films to form a diverse collective slate of films.

Nate worked in the producing department of Corbin Bernsen’s award-winning feature film Beyond the Heavens which was released worldwide in 2013.

In the past two years, Nate further accelerated his independent filmmaking career by directing and producing seven social and historical documentaries (Gossip in the Graveyard, End of the Line, Performance in Place, Game Knights and The Projectionist) which were all commissioned by the broadcaster MTS in Manitoba.

He released a pilot for a Discovery-style documentary series entitled I Came Back which aired nationally on CBC in 2016. Nate is also set to produce and is currently in development on a slate of mystery and adventure feature films.

Nate lives in Brandon with his lovely wife Leann and their two beautiful children, Livi and Ben. Active in his community, Nate is an avid leader of Brandon-based events and charity undertakings, and is on a mission as a resource-oriented producer to build the city of Brandon as a feature film hub with the strongest tax credit in Canada. One project at a time.

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