Static Alex

Alex has acquired the unpredictable super power of static electricity. Between high school and her absent father, she can’t keep her emotions in check or her powers from growing.

Creative team

Writer/director: Alayna Silverberg
Producers: Jon Silverberg, Marena Dix, Andy Hodgson

Filmmaker’s statement

Creating Static Alex was a huge learning experience for me as a new director.

I loved collaborating with such an experienced team, I soaked up every minute of it and I am so grateful for them.

Writing this story was sort of a cathartic release of my teenage years. As a teen I often felt like I was a bit of a strange/dark girl but a friend and mentor helped me turn my passion and strengths into a legacy that I can be proud of.

Following suit with TELUS STORYHIVE and the grant they provided us for the female directors edition, we ensured that more than 50% of our cast and crew were women, 55% in fact! I’m excited to continue this journey of creating female-led sci-fi films.

About Alayna Silverberg

Alayna Silverberg

Born in Vancouver and raised in Surrey, Alayna has been performing and writing from a very young age.

She attended Capilano University’s acting for film program in 2003, and went on to act in several indie projects.

After co-writing about half a dozen short films, she took the position of associate producer on Red Castle Films’ sci-fi short Disappeared, which continues to screen at film festivals around the world.

Her fashion film Fall in Love was accepted into the top 10 of the 2014 Elle Canada Film Competition and her second fashion film Forage for Fashion made it into the top three of the 2015 Elle Canada & Sorel Canada Film Competition.

Recently, her short sci-fi/drama Static Alex won a $10K grant from TELUS STORYHIVE for their female directors edition.

Alayna is currently developing sci-fi/drama project Out There. She looks forward to bringing female-centric sci-fi stories to life on the big screen.

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