The Oasis Affair

A Montreal woman’s life is radically changed when she is sued by a giant manufacturer and is engaged in a seven-year David and Goliath legal battle over her company’s name.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Heidi Lasi
Co-producers: Sarah Fodey, Lisa Nault, Pat McGowan

Filmmaker’s statement

The very first time I heard Deborah’s story, I was blown away and immediately thought the world needed to know about this epic David and Goliath legal battle that she had already spent five years fighting. When we reconnected after the final outcome two years later, the time had finally come to tell her incredible story.

Deborah is inspiring and reminds me of folks like Erin Brokovich, Norma Rae, Larry Flynt and Prince. Most people, let alone the owner of a fledgling business with young children, would not stand up for their rights and go into personal debt to fight a legal battle against a publicly traded company.

In fact, there are many others before Deborah who have been paid off in similar circumstances and she was, in fact, offered ‘go away’ money. Nevertheless, she persisted.

I hope this documentary of her incredible story will become required viewing in high school, as it is the true and classic tale of a hero who, against her own and others’ better judgement, stood up to a bully. It would also make excellent viewing in business school and law school as part of the ethics curriculum.

In fact, it should be compulsory viewing for anyone facing what feels like insurmountable odds as it will inspire them to take the action they know in their heart of hearts is right in spite of how difficult it seems.

About Heidi Lasi

Heidi Lasi

Heidi Lasi is an award-winning director, producer and writer and, while the subject matter of her productions has varied widely, her focus on compelling storytelling, captivating characters and visually stunning cinematography provides a distinctive through-line to all her work.

She addresses contemporary issues, making complex or controversial subjects and characters accessible to mainstream audiences. Whether it’s a punk walking the streets of 1980s-era NYC, a detective inspector solving mysteries during World War Two, the love affair of Oscar Wilde and artist Frances Richards, or an entrepreneur fighting desperately for her rights against corporate Canada, she brings their unique stories to light.

The Oasis Affair, selected in the inaugural round of BravoFACTUAL, screened at festivals across North America in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Hamilton, where it was nominated for best documentary. The team is thrilled it has now been accepted into the prestigious NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Currently, Heidi is developing two co-productions: television series The Tom Tyler Mysteries based on the new book series by Maureen Jennings (Murdoch Mysteries) and feature film Frances Loves Oscar Wilde, recently shortlisted by the Harold Greenberg Script Development Program.

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