The Wake

As Owen, a young man lost at sea, drifts in and out of consciousness, he’s joined by a strange guide in a deserted world, and wanders further and further from the surface.

Creative team

Writer/director: Taylor Johnson
Producer: Alexander Dodd

Filmmaker’s statement

In The Wake, my goal was to create a unique take on the classic mariner’s tale. In this contemporary world, the sailor still yearns for home, the spirit still craves a peaceful rest, and the siren’s song is still deadly.

This is a narratively complex film driven by discovery. Each interwoven timeline reveals a fragment of Owen’s story. I wanted the viewer to discover with the protagonist, live the story through him, and share in his successes and failures. How did Owen lose his way? Who can he trust? Will he survive?

At its core this is a story about love and loss, being driven to the edge and then lingering there. I hope that this film both speaks to those universal emotions and yet leaves the viewer with an experience that is truly their own.

About Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is thrilled to be making his filmmaking debut with The Wake, the first of what he hopes to be many screenwriting and directing ventures.

A graduate of the University of Victoria’s writing and film program, his passion for cinematic exploration fuels a desire to create projects that captivate and challenge his audience.

Taylor was introduced to the arts at a young age, acting in amateur and professional stage and film productions. Performing with an adult improv troupe at the age of 14 sparked a curiosity for writing and the world behind the camera.

The University of Victoria’s dynamic and rigorous program ignited a love of storytelling and developed a conceptual toolkit that he is thrilled to be putting into action.

He thanks this film’s passionate creative team without whom none of this would have been possible. He hopes you enjoy the film!


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