Mike, a farmhand, lives life day to day but when things begin to deteriorate he realizes his own future is in jeopardy. He takes on the situation himself causing a change that shatters the system around him.

Creative team

Writer/director: Shane Brar
Producer: Paul Alamwala

Filmmaker’s statement

The idea behind Atone is to tell the story of Mike and how he deals with external issues.

Mike is a very passive individual who doesn’t seem to let things around him effect him until it comes to his doorstep. Then we see his reaction, which is the polar opposite.

Throughout this film I wanted to show the relationships Mike has with other characters so we used the camera to represent that. The isolationist ideology he maintains is good for him until he believes it’s time to do something right.

I used the shots to carry the story – our eyes see Mike’s world. The camera maintains the thriller aspects of the film throughout, keeping Mike’s character a mystery.

I’d also like to credit my cinematographer, Athan Merrick, for his work on this film.

About Shane Brar

I’m a director and writer from Vancouver. I started out as an actor but realised directing is my real passion.

I’ve worked as a director for about five years on five shorts and two commercials. I wrote three of the short films myself. I never thought I would become a writer but it’s been a great learning experience.

With acting, directing and writing all coming together, it helps me mold my films into what they are today. Everything I’ve done, from meeting new people on sets and maintaining friendships, as well as learning from each individual on set, has created great moments in my film career.


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