Weaving together conflicting narratives, truth and loyalty blur when three brothers discover a lifeless body at the river’s edge.

Creative team

Writers: Brett Ferster, Shaun Crawford, Brett Connors
Director: Brett Ferster
Producer: Jayson Therrien

Filmmaker’s statement

Most of us as adults see the world in shades of grey. But as children most see it in absolutes – black or white. At some point there must be a point where it transitions from one to the other. I wanted to explore what this moment could be.

Coming from a family of three brothers, I thought exploring this theme against the relationships of brothers would allow me to speak this story in an authentic way.

Now, no part of me is Irish, so the ‘Claddagh’ ring became a device early in the script writing process. Tabled by my co-writer, Shaun Crawford, this became the perfect way to construct the story because of its connected themes to brotherhood and loyalty in relationships.

About Brett Ferster

Brett Ferster

Having been raised in the UK, Norway, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada, Brett grew up immersed in cultures and stories from around the world. These experiences probably seeped into his subconscious and guided him toward the idea of crafting stories, through film, as a career.

After gaining a BFA from the University of Lethbridge, he quickly started working in the industry and pursuing ideas that interested him.

The work he directs is often described as genuine, engaging, entertaining and visually compelling. He has won a handful of awards for his last short film, One Night in Aberdeen, and is working to cement his foothold as a professional director of narrative and commercial work.

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