An intense bromance between a gay football player and a straight soldier; a reflection on friendship and masculinity.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Dominic Poliquin

Filmmaker’s statement

In Forces we follow the lives of two young men: a straight soldier being deployed to Afghanistan who is overly sensitive, and his openly gay childhood friend who recently got kicked off his football team, not for his sexual orientation but rather for excessive violent behavior.

My goal for my short was to avoid clichés and stereotypes. The straight character in my film is a bit like the damsel in distress and the gay character gets to play the part of the saviour.

My approach to filmmaking is to not make a big deal about the sexuality of my gay characters. Masculinity and friendship are the main themes at play. The spheres of sports and the military are two iconic institutions I wanted to explore because they heavily influence male culture, education and upbringing.

Even if some ‘out’ athletes like Brian Sims and Gareth Thomas were important inspirational figures for me, I also used my 10+ years of experience working at the military base of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu where I’ve befriended several straight soldiers as research, much like an artist doing field work studies for his master’s degree in film production.

The message I want viewers and future filmmakers to take away from Forces is that sensitivity in men is strength – a force to be reckoned with, and it is certainly not a weakness.

About Dominic Poliquin

Dominic Poliquin

With a master’s degree in film production from Concordia University, Dominic Poliquin has proven that he can create beautiful imagery and strong narratives that see ‘beyond.’

The Montrealer is driven by the limits of attachment and memory with a special touch for symbolism in his mise-en-scène.

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