Maud Mary & the Titanic

A sweet, short film about a late, great lady who missed the boat and sailed into history.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Geraldine Carr

Filmmaker’s statement

I was inspired to make Maud Mary & the Titanic in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. My goal was to make my documentary – an essay film – and have it screen in a Titanic historically related centre during the Titanic’s centennial.

I reached my goal when it screened in New York City 100 years to the day … plus 10 hours or so. The hubris of man 100 years ago, and the tragedy that resulted, still speaks to us a century later.

I’ve always been interested in all things Titanic, and well before the blockbuster movie. I was reminded of my great-grandmother’s story at my parents’ 50th anniversary when my uncle spoke of her and her three children, including my grandfather. I had heard the story when I was a child, but it’s not something that is spoken of around the dining table. When I heard the story again, I thought this would make a great short film!

At the time, I was very intrigued with the rotoscoping in the opening titles of the film Juno as well as the visual effects and digital collage in the film Frida. These two films influenced my treatment of Maud Mary & the Titanic. And in doing the narration myself, I worked very hard to strike the right tone – I didn’t want to be disrespectful to those who perished.

It’s been an interesting journey making this film. I’ve met a number of people who had a relative that either missed the boat as well, or perished on that frigid night. I also discovered a cousin, four times removed, who lived just nine blocks away from me. And my mother, who is the genealogist in the family, discovered a distant relative in the UK whose family all thought that Maud had perished in the sinking.

I hope you enjoy the film. Thank you.

About Geraldine Carr

Geraldine Carr

Award-winning filmmaker Geraldine Carr (Voila! / Maud Mary & the Titanic / Dance of the Kaleidoscope / Rose’s Rising) has a passion for story, cinema and the creative process.

Geraldine recently attended the script development program at the 2017 Female Eye Film Festival with her feature film Ballads in Passing. In 2015, her short film Maud Mary & the Titanic was curated by the 18th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival in Ankara, Turkey.

Geraldine is an alumnae of Women in the Director’s Chair (2016, 2010) and is a graduate of the film production program at Confederation College. Geraldine remains committed to her craft and is in possession of a keenly creative mind and spirit.

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