Shelley and Stefan are trapped in a parkade and about to miss her sister’s wedding.

After exhausting their options, trying numerous machines and methods of escape, they learn they are the masters of their own demise.

Produced with a grant awarded by BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.

Creative team

Writer: Aubrey Arnason
Director: Matthew Kowalchuk
Producers: Aubrey Arnason, Dave Angelski

Filmmaker’s statement

Payment is based on a true story – I was locked in a parkade with no way out! When I did finally escape I thought, I must make this into a film.

I was thrilled when BravoFACT agreed to fund the project, making it possible to write, produce and star in this comedic short. I can’t tell you the end of the true story because it would spoil the film. I am however slightly embarrassed to admit that the plot surrounding the ticket is true.

Directed by Matthew Kowalchuk (Lawrence & Holloman, Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story) the film includes some of Vancouver’s most talented comedic actors: Dave Colette (You, Me, Her and Motive), Kalyn Miles (Season’s GreetingsThe Convenient Groom), Enid-Raye Adams (Lucifer, The Romeo Section), Amatai Marmorstein (Power Rangers, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Jacqueline Robbins (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Some Assembly Required) and myself (Aubrey Arnason; Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, iZombie).

Produced by Dave Angelski and myself, we were fortunate to work with one of Vancouver’s many top notch crews. Everyone dedicated long hours to filming outdoors during an unusually cold March. DOP Will Minsky worked his magic, problem solving and creating light we thought impossible.

We hope you enjoy Payment. We had so much fun filming it and please think of us and chuckle the next time you’re in a fight with a parking machine. – Aubrey Arnason

About Matthew Kowalchuk

Matthew Kowalchuk

Matthew has been recognized as one of Canada’s emerging playwrights and filmmakers. His first feature film, Lawrence & Holloman, won the Canadian Comedy Award for best feature film and garnered must-see mentions around the globe, screening as far away as Cannes and Shanghai, China.

After premiering at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2013, he won the BC emerging director award, as well as the rising star filmmaker award from the Edmonton International Film Festival.

He has also written and directed four acclaimed short films: Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story, Hearing Test, Penguins (Are So Sensitive To My Needs), and his debut, the 35mm-shot The Janitors (co-directed with Daniel Arnold), which have been shown worldwide and was a recipient of the coveted National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize.

Matthew has long been a student of comedy, having first trained as an improvisor with Edmonton’s storied Rapid Fire Theatre. He got his start as a writer working in comedy troupes and with Rapid Fire’s weekly sketch comedy show, The 11:02 Show, which led him to playwriting and then directing.

Originally from Vancouver, Matthew eventually returned to his birthplace, where he earned his degree from UBC’s department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing.

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