STORYHIVE reveals top two music videos

The latest STORYHIVE music video winners were announced last week.

The clip for XX by Missy D ft. Kimmortal – created by Lawrence Lam and Alexander Farah – won the top award in BC and the clip for Waiting by Copperhead – created by Hans Grossmann – got the top award in Alberta. Watch them both below.

XX is a story that follows a young female rapper looking to establish herself among a traditionally male-dominated rap/hip-hop scene. As a tribute to minorities, the video celebrates strength, resilience and equality across all walks of life.

Waiting is a slow-motion, dreamy music video with a layer of animation added in to further immerse the listener in nostalgia, calmness and warmth.

The filmmakers behind the top-voted clips receive passes to SXSW along with airfaire and hotel stipend, plus guidance on how to maximize their festival experience.

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