World War Anywhere

An attack on the city thrusts a couple into a fight for their lives.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Scott Antifave

Filmmaker’s statement

World War Anywhere is my fourth, and most ambitious, short to date. As a member of the International Cinematographers Guild chapter 669, I’ve been fortunate to spend thousands of hours on professional sets learning from talented directors, cinematographers and writers.

As society seems to devolve into political and social turmoil worldwide, I wanted to approach a story that is topical, and explore it from our relatively sheltered perspective on terrorism in Canada.

We’ve been fortunate to have minimal violence from extremists, guns, uprisings, etc. I think it’s all too easy to dismiss the impact such an event would actually have upon a person just going about their daily lives, as so many of the fallen victims around the world are when they are involved in these despicable acts.

The film seeks to explore the moments during a sudden attack, when those involved do not have time to ask why or who, but only to make spontaneous decisions under intense duress, which may or may not result in their own, and their loved ones, survival.

About Scott Antifave

Scott Antifave

Scott Antifave works as a first assistant camera person (or ‘focus puller’) on film and television in Vancouver, BC. He has contributed his skills on all styles of production such as feature films alongside talents like Sigourney Weaver, to episodic television and independent film.

As a performer of live improv comedy around Vancouver, Scott has a unique blend of performance and cinematic knowledge that allows for communication between all disciplines on set.

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