Magic Mushrooms

In a wry reflection on gender identity and sexuality, when an awkward teenage boy and his crush magically switch bodies after taking mushrooms, he discovers that attraction is more complicated than he thought.

Creative team

Writer/director: Sean Wainsteim
Producers: Sean Wainsteim, Michelle Woodward

Filmmaker’s statement

Designed as a light-hearted coming-of-age magic realism film on the surface, Magic Mushrooms is a subtle exploration into gender identity and questioning sexuality.

While viewers will be entertained by the premise, characters and fun animation moments, the goal is to leave audiences thinking about the film and what they would do in the (ridiculous) scenario … and how that would make them feel.

About Sean Wainsteim

Sean Wainsteim

The survivor of one art school and one airplane crash, writer/director Sean Wainsteim explores narrative projects in film, television, animation, music videos, commercials, docs and interactive sculptures.

Sean has created award-winning work around the world for global brands (like Nike, Nickelodeon, Gatorade, IFC, MTV2, Sony and Budweiser). In 2011, Sean won director of the year at the Much Music video awards.

Sean is currently developing narrative and documentary feature projects that explore the remembered and imagined past and completely made-up futures.

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