A young woman brings us into her wild and fantastic world as she realizes her death is imminent.

This film is adapted from the novel Testament, written in urgency by the Canadian author Vickie Gendreau at the age of 23 after learning she was suffering from an incurable cancer.

Creative team

Writer/director: Eric Jean
Producer: Isabelle Longnus

About Eric Jean

Eric Jean

Eric Jean is considered one of the most influential creators of the Quebec and Canadian theatre scene.

He is an author and prolific stage director whose creations have toured the international scene.

From early in his career Eric distinguished himself by his originality, and critics unanimously saluted the ingenuity of his productions and the poetic strength of his images. Eric has uncompromising artistic freedom and an unusual creative energy.

He is now exploring film which is the logical extension of his work in theatre, which is often described as cinematic.

With the adaptation of the novel Testament by Vickie Gendreau, Eric embarks on his first short film as writer/director.

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