Following a violent incident, a young woman isolates herself in a cottage hoping to find peace. However, past traumas and insecurities resurface and haunt her with each passing day.

Creative team

Writer/director: Spencer Ryerson
Producers: Jessica Reis, Maddie Zekkou

Filmmaker’s statement

Since I was little, I’ve always loved horror. I would always watch and read Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark? despite it resulting in many childhood nightmares.

As I got older and was allowed to watch things I shouldn’t have watched, my love for horror grew as did my passion for filmmaking. My problem was that I didn’t just want to make the usual slasher flick or haunted house throwback so I decided to bring in some more personal elements into my script(s).

Sprouting from my experiences with anxiety over the years, as well as observing the increasingly popular culture of selfies and obsession with physical appearance, I came up with the base for my film and my character, Danielle. Although there has been a growing awareness towards removing the stigmas people have with mental illness and one’s physical appearance, these issues and pressures people deal with are still out there.

Now, the trick was making something that touched on these feelings and experiences while still entertaining the audience. So throw in some blood, a ghost and some very sharp objects … and that’s how Cover-Up was born.

About Spencer Ryerson

Spencer Ryerson

Spencer Ryerson is a Toronto-based director and cinematographer.

Ever since Spencer was a young boy, he has been interested in telling stories visually, starting his filmmaking career with nothing but his grandmother’s webcam.

Since graduating Humber College’s film and media production program, Spencer has written and directed the short films Farewell, Unannounced and most recently, Peaches.

He also co-directed the award-winning short A New Home with Peter Widdrington for the Toronto Urban Film Festival.

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