Upon the conversion of one of its members to a radical Christian Church, a family spirals out of control and breaks apart.

Famílias proposes a discussion about tolerance, mutual understanding and inclusion.

Creative team

Writer/director: Joffre Faria Silva
Producers: Betty Orr, Laura Blaney, Robson Goulart

Filmmaker’s statement

In the past decade, there has been a rapid proliferation of evangelical churches all around Brazil. Moreover, in the 2014 national elections large numbers of evangelicals were elected to Congress and have proposed legislation to return to traditional family values and curb the rights of women and LGBTQ.

Famílias delves into such reality. My goal is to have both sides of the issue engage in a productive dialogue to create more harmony in society.

About Joffre Faria Silva

Joffre Faria Silva

Born in Brazil, Joffre Faria Silva lives in Toronto where he works in art direction for the film and television industry.

Joffre graduated with honours at Concordia University, Montreal, receiving his BFA with specialization in film studies.

He has written several short and feature-length films in both Portuguese and English languages. He has directed six short films and one feature-length, Offside (Impedimento), which was shown in 14 film festivals around the world winning six awards.

He is currently working on producing his next feature-length film, Famílias.

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