Farm is a Four-Letter Word


When a TV documentary crew visits The MacIntyre Farm for a story on a floundering industry, they discover a couple at the end of their rope with no fucks left to give.

Creative team

Writer: Kira Hall
Director/producer: Ryan Couldrey

Filmmaker’s statement

Farm is a Four-Letter Word began with a text message I received from Kira Hall containing a brief pitch about a farm where all the fucks had dried up and the family had no fucks left to give. From there, we worked together to build this zany mock-documentary centered on a crass idiom.

Not being a big fan of handheld TV documentary-style filming was about the best reason I could think of to produce a short film in that style. We spend so much time in metaphorical padded rooms we build for ourselves, afraid step outside and test ourselves. With every project I work on, I try to get as uncomfortable as possible – magic happens when I can’t rely on what I know for sure would work.

For all the suspension of reality Farm asks of its audience (we never even see what a “farmed fuck” looks like), it also grounds itself in the real – the desire for a purpose, and the hope that we might have something of value to offer back to the earth. We can’t help but give a fuck.

About Ryan Couldrey

Ryan Couldrey

Ryan gives suggestions to actors and presses buttons on cameras in Toronto, Canada.

He’s working on a few things right now including: a high-school horror-revenge feature, a children’s show about social media obsession, a creature-feature about misogyny in Hollywood, and a short about a kid who yanks out other people’s teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

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