In My Heart

Inside a young man’s heart, manifestations of his past romantic failings fight to convince his newest flame that a relationship with him is a mistake.

Creative team

Writer/director: Marcus Mullen
Producers: Andrew M. Johnson, Marcus Mullen

Filmmaker’s statement

The concept for In My Heart was suggested to me by co-producer Andrew M. Johnson when he called me one day and suggested I write a short script in which five people find themselves in a room with no idea as to how they arrived there, only to find out eventually that they were all at some point in love with the same person.

The idea floated around in my head for a few days before I decided that the room was instead going to be someone’s heart, and only one character, the ‘newest arrival,’ would be unfamiliar with her surroundings, while the others had been dwelling in this mysterious space for some time.

The film is meant to be an exploration of the feelings that come with a new relationship and how we balance those feelings against the emotional baggage we sometimes forget we carry with us. If we’re lucky, the right person comes along to render that baggage irrelevant and our hearts can be free and full of life, while simultaneously completely open to receive the love that person has to give.

The film stars an extremely talented cast and had a small but dedicated crew. It is the most personal film of mine to date and I hope that everyone who watches it remembers a time when someone special took their breath away.

About Marcus Mullen

Marcus Mullen

Marcus Mullen is a teacher by day and an independent filmmaker whenever possible. He has directed two other short films that have screened in festivals in Canada, India and Indonesia.

Marcus’s first short film I’m Just Saying won him the Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival in 2015.

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