Rik’s spent the last few years toiling at inadequate firms and he’s desperate to work for a notable company. He finally catches a break when his cousin secures him an interview with her boss, Colin. However, when the interview begins it’s clear that Colin has something else planned for Rik.

Interview is a galvanizing short film where a traditional meeting quickly descends into a tense confrontation around privilege, race and the power of words.

Creative team

Writer: Ahsan Butt
Writer/director: Ryan Kayet
Producer: Dave Gibson

Filmmaker’s statement

Interview was born of a desire to create a rich story from the simplest possible setting.

With that, I challenged myself to make an engaging film based on a purely character-driven narrative with no distractions. It really forces a person to focus on the raw fundamentals of filmmaking.

Working with writer Ahsan Butt, we created two strong characters struggling for dominance in a power dynamic that is both subtle and shifting. I savoured the opportunity to take such a deep interaction and break it down beat by beat to create a vision of how this relationship would play out.

Working closely with two incredible actors to rehearse and perfect their delivery for camera was definitely my favourite part of the project. Richard and Charles were electric on screen and really helped bring my vision to life.

With every project I strive to grow as a filmmaker and create something to be proud of. Interview truly accomplished both of those goals.

About Ryan Kayet

Ryan Kayet

Ryan is an up-and-coming filmmaker who excels as a screenwriter, director and producer.

After receiving high praise for his thesis film, Lurker, Ryan co-founded Riverlife Productions with a desire to focus on strong character-driven narratives.

He has directed the bravoFACT-funded short film One Day at a Time based on the award-winning Canadian play Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, and several music videos that have been featured on Much Music and many websites.

Interview, a dramatic short about race, power and the importance of choosing your words carefully, was funded by the Ontario Arts Council. The short film has recently culminated its festival run, and is currently featured online as a part of the National Screen Institute catalogue.

His most recent project, Cancel the F—ing Internet, is a comedy short film that has just recently begun its festival circuit. Including many notable official selections, it has already been awarded a Runner-Up Audience Choice Award (Cinéfest Sudbury, 2017).

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