A Family

A young boy must choose between parents as his family breaks apart.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Samuel Dayomi

Filmmaker’s statement

I’ve always felt that the basis of any art form lives and dies by its ability to effectively communicate a theme. In a very similar way, I’ve been able to see just how important it is in developing proper relationships that have a solid foundation in understanding.

The focus of this short film was to depict three unique deficiencies in communication within a family unit, and how a lack of proper communication can so quickly break down and destroy whatever bonds might have formed.

Each character represents one of these aspects, whether it be an inability to voice or act on one’s thoughts, an unwillingness to listen, or an inability to understand. Hopefully those aspects came through.

About Samuel Dayomi

Samuel Dayomi

Samuel Dayomi is an independent Brampton filmmaker and graduate from both York University and Sheridan College. He specializes in writing and editing mainly for narrative fiction.

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