El Otro Lado De La Pasión

Rodolfo Ignacio’s green card marriage is in danger because he thinks he’s a telenovela character. The worst part? It’s contagious.

Creative team

Writer: Léa Maurizi
Director: Jesse Lupini
Producers: Léa Maurizi, Gloria Peña, Khadidiatou Diouf, Natasha Backlin, Myles Simon

Filmmaker’s statement

Jesse Lupini was immediately drawn to the comedy of the script. He loved the over-the-top satire of the telenovela genre and saw many opportunities to add jokes and visual gags.

About Jesse Lupini

Jesse Lupini

Jesse Lupini is a Canadian director.

He has been making movies since he was a kid with a handicam, but recently moved into the professional film world.

In 2015 he directed and produced a commercial for Digitech’s new flagship guitar pedal.

He has several short films in post-production. In August he directed the pilot for a new web series called Crime and Wisdom.

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