Caroline is craving affection in her relationship when she discovers a lump in her breast.

Creative team

Writer/director: Andrea Dunne
Producer: Jacqueline Hynes

Filmmaker’s statement

Malignant is a personal film for me, but what has surprised me through the process is how universal our personal stories can be.

So many of us women know that extended feeling of dread that comes from finding something that doesn’t belong in one of the most personal parts of you, and having to wait days to weeks to months to know if you could lose that part, or your life, or just a lot of sleep over something that will never hurt you.

In fact, in the year I developed this script, every time I’ve shared it with a group of people I’ve had one or more of the women share with me how they’ve had almost the same experience. It’s part of the human condition we all share – that the body you inhabit can turn against you and fill you with pain and fear – yet when it happens, regardless of who is in our lives, we’re ultimately up against it alone.

These lonely struggles are so often the things that shape us and make us the stronger people we become, but don’t always seem to be the kind of stories that get told.

Malignant was shot over three days in St. John’s, Newfoundland through NIFCO and Telefilm’s Picture Start Program with a stellar local cast and crew whom I can’t thank enough.

About Andrea Dunne

Andrea Dunne

Andrea Dunne is a writer and short film director hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Her previous short, Makeover, has played across Newfoundland as part of the Nickel Roadshow, and was featured in the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

When not filmmaking, Andrea freelances on features and television series and recently spent time in the production offices of Discovery Canada’s Frontier, CBC’s Republic of Doyle and the upcoming feature film Braven.

Malignant was developed through the Newfoundland Independent Film Co-op’s Picture Start program, and is Andrea’s third directorial effort.

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