Salome V.

A former radical dancer tries to run away from her past.

Creative team

Writer/director: Frieda Luk
Producer: Birgit Gernbock

Filmmaker’s statement

Salome V. is a meditation on female agency and the complicated dynamic between intent and compromise.

The film creates an over-the-top world that doesn’t hesitate to spill into ridiculousness. It is operatic and sweeping in emotional scope. It has set pieces that repurpose pop culture iconography: the hyperbolic textures and ‘vintage’ fashion, the ostentatious decor and the music video reference in the final sequence.

At the core is a magic realist proposition that ‘radicalism’ has a physical consequence and that what you believe actually matters in the world.

About Frieda Luk

Frieda Luk

Frieda Luk is a filmmaker who has showcased her work in major film festivals around the world.

Prior to filmmaking, Frieda was a Marshall McLuhan fellow at the University of Toronto.

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