Suzanne Gauthier: One Thing Leads to Another

Filmmaker Ariella Pahlke weaves the life and work of Suzanne Gauthier into a poetic narrative that mirrors the artist’s own process, capturing the flux in her work and how it’s interrelated with her environment.

Intricately blending autobiography, landscape and culture, Gauthier navigates the marvellous and the ordinary, often infusing both with humour.

Creative team

Writer/director: Ariella Pahlke
Producers: Louise Waters, Ariella Pahlke

Filmmaker’s statement

When Louise Waters and Suzanne Gauthier first invited me to tea in order to explain their idea for a short doc about the art and life of Suzanne, I immediately agreed to explore this possibility.

After a few more meetings and brainstorming sessions the ideas were starting to flow so we had a few shoots to start gathering material for the film. Suzanne’s 45 years of work are carefully stored away in boxes and can be found in permanent collections of various art galleries and museums.

I found it fun and very challenging to try to get Louise and Suzanne to understand the filmmaking process as they come from a visual artist discipline.

We persevered, and together with cinematographer Nance Ackerman and music from one of Suzanne’s favourite bands, Ostrea Lake, we worked our way through a few rough edits and came up with this 15-minute film which encapsulates the curiosity, joy, and layered references that are central to Suzanne’s artwork.

One thing led to another. The process was fluid … you could see how works created in the past are connected to the present and how her inspiration carries through. Gauthier’s artistic process influenced my creative approach to the film.

About Ariella Pahlke

Ariella Pahlke

Ariella Pahlke is an award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker, video artist, curator and educator living in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia.

With a background in philosophy, Ariella has spent the past 22 years creating documentaries and independent shorts, collaborating on multi-media performance pieces, curating, consulting and teaching.

Her film and video work has been shown on television, at festivals, online and in galleries throughout Canada and the US, and in Norway, India, New Zealand and South Africa.


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