Two Ladies

Two young waitresses go out on a Friday night after weeks of never-ending shifts.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Steffi Tupe

Filmmaker’s statement

Two Ladies is a vignette of a young woman who’s supposed to be having fun but ends up in a brief period of waiting and separation.

The idea came from the desire to see two women talking from a minimalist approach with film.

James Joyce’s Two Gallants, a short story about two sailors who exploit women to enjoy their lives, also influenced the film.

About Steffi Tupe

Steffi Tupe

Steffi Tupe is a writer and director based out of Toronto.

She is a graduate of York University’s film production 2013 program. There she completed The Daily Special, a short film that was part of the Montreal World Film Festival in 2012.

Steffi continues to write and direct narrative films. She is currently finishing another short titled Bird on a Rose.

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