Esmerelda’s Castle

Set in the 1970’s, Lydia’s days are mostly the same. She spends her afternoons at the office workin’ for the man.

But this afternoon’s smoke break takes a turn for the mysterious when this secretary and her shoe-shining companion enter the alternative world of Esmerelda’s Castle, a dingy dive for queens that drag and dream.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Rachel Cairns, Sarah Hempinstall
Producers: Rachel Cairns, Sarah Hempinstall, Anthony J. Baldwin

Filmmaker’s statement

We all have secrets and things we keep private or selectively share: desires of the heart, alternative identities. This is a story about the unique human ability to lie and dream.

About Rachel Cairns and Sarah Hempinstall

Rachel Cairns and Sarah Hempinstall

Rachel Cairns and Sarah Hempinstall are the dream team behind Life’s A Trip Productions. They are divas on a dime and the creators of the web series Budz about two gal pals who started from the bottom … and will most likely stay there.

Esmerelda’s Castle is their first short film, made in partnership with the Toronto YEAA Shorts Residency.

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